Teeth Whitening Cork

In order to try and meet every patient’s individual needs, Dental Options Cork offer patients three different tooth whitening procedures:

  • At-home Tray Bleaching: A more independent procedure, we design custom gum trays for a patient, and provide a special tooth whitening gel for them to use. The patient then uses the gel for between six and nine days in order to get their desired look.
  • Deep Bleaching™ : Using a mix of techniques, including at-home tray bleaching processes as well as intensive in-chair bleaching process, this is the most effective tooth whitening procedure available today, and also provides the most predictable results. To find out more, please visit www.enlightenedsmiles.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

Teeth can end up discoloured for many reasons. The most common is simple aging, but another common cause is drinking staining substances, which include tea, coffee, cola and red wine among others. Tobacco will also stain your teeth and is a major cause of discolouration. During the formation of your teeth, consuming tetracycline, some antibiotics or too much fluoride can also cause discolouration in some case.

Who May Benefit From Tooth Whitening?

Most people will receive some benefits from tooth whitening. The treatment however may be more effective for some people and in some cases it may not be quite as effective. Your dentist will be able to decide if you will benefit from teeth whitening through a shade assessment and thorough oral exam.

Is Whitening Safe?

Teeth whitening has been proven to be safe through extensive research and clinical studies. Under the supervision of a dentist, many dentists would consider tooth whitening among the safest cosmetic dental procedures you can do.

However, tooth whitening is not recommended for children younger than thirteen, nor pregnant or lactating women.

How Does The Solus Dental In-Office System Work?

Solus Dental uses a whitening gel that is activated by light. The secret is its active ingredient of hydrogen peroxide. As this is broken down, oxygen enters the dentine and enamel, bleaching coloured parts whilst not affecting the structure of the tooth. The dental light helps to activate the hydrogen peroxide and helps it to penetrate the tooth. One study showed that the Solus Dental lamp boosts the effectiveness of Solus Dental teeth whitening gel by over 26%, improving your teeth’s colour by eight shades on average.

What Does The Patient Experience During The Solus Dental In-Office Procedure?

Dental Options Cork have many options to help you relax during the procedure, including televisions and provisions to allow you to listen to music. If you have anxiety or a particularly strong gag reflex, the in chair tooth whitening procedure may be more difficult.

Are There Any Side Effects?

In some cases, the treatment can lead to sensitive teeth, and in rare occasions, some minor tingling may be experience but will always dissipate quickly.