The Dental Options Cork Scholarship Contest

Dental Options Cork has prided itself on providing the best in dental health for every person in County Cork. Dental health has been a huge issue in Ireland, with children as young as 18 months having decaying teeth removed, with major effects on a child’s overall health later in life. Many people fail to receive expert advice and dental care that can help stop the spread of gum disease. As part of our efforts to help make people aware of the massive effects of poor dental health, we at Dental Options Cork have created our very own scholarship contest in order to encourage better oral hygiene. The winner of the contest will receive a prize of £1000 to help with the rising cost of Further Education


The contest is available to any High School Student in Year 11, as well as any student currently studying or have been accepted at a place in a Vocational School, University or College


All you have to do to win is write an essay describing your dental hygiene habits, why they are promote improved dental health and what you would recommend others do. You should make clear the value of your dental habits and detail the benefits comprehensively.


Our experts at Dental Options Cork will judge each essay based on its accuracy concerning dental hygiene, as well as how creative the piece is.

How to Enter:

Write a 500 words or less essay and email it to:

Please include the following information with your written essay:

  • Your Name and Address, as well as a contact Telephone Number.
  • The school, college or University you will attend or are currently attending this year.
  • Your degree path/the focus of your studies.

If you have any questions about the contest, please email


All entries must arrive to us by October 30, 2017.

We wish to give each excellent submission our full attention, and as such we will review all submissions carefully before deciding our winner.

The winner of the Dental Options Cork Scholarship Contest will be announced as soon as we have made our decision. The judge’s decision is final.

Thank you for taking part in The Dental Options Cork Scholarship Contest and we wish you the best of luck!