Re-Contouring Gums Cork*

Our state of the art ezLase can provide the answer to a “gummy smile”. Using our soft tissue laser, we can correct your gum line safely and effectively. The ezLase reseals the tissue immediately, which prevents the swelling, bleeding and opening up to infection that used to be part of previous gum re-contouring techniques. After this, we can fit veneers, in order to complete that Hollywood smile!

Case 1

We first carried out gum re-contouring using ezLase in order to reduce the gummy smile of our patient. To complete the full and even smile we fitted veneers.

Case 2

Our patient here was mostly happy with their teeth but was worried about how much gum could be seen when smiling. Once our gum re-contouring process is complete, our patient noticed a much less gummy smile, which also improved the shape of their teeth.

*Treatment only available in Dental Options Clane