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Dental Options Cork are delighted to offer our patients one of the latest orthodontist procedures to enter the world of dentistry. The Inman Aligner is a discreet way of moving teeth, much like the popular Invisalign system of clear braces. It is a cheaper and quicker option for straightening front teeth, offering a hassle way to straighten your smile.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Inman Aligner Work?

The secret to the quickness and effectiveness of the Inman Aligner is due to a bent, taut spring that rests on the back of the teeth, as well as a discreet metal wire fixed at the bottom of the front of the teeth. The combined pressure of these two parts “squeezes” teeth into the desired position in a gentle, yet swift manner.


Is The Inman Aligner Effective?

Its effectiveness has been proven by its success in the United States, and since making its way across the Atlantic, that success has continued in the United Kingdom. For quick, effective and noticeable results the Inman Aligner is an ideal option. It is not for every mouth however; if your teeth are crowded then you are very unlikely to be able to have Inman Aligner treatment. If this is the case, our friendly professional staff at Dental Options Cork will happily discuss alternatives with you to ensure you get the right treatment for your mouth.

How Regularly Do I Have To Wear The Aligner?

In order for the Inman Aligner to work effectively, we would advise that you wear the Aligner for at least sixteen hours per day. Any less and the results may be slower to attain or you may not get the smile you are looking for.

How Long Does Inman Aligner Treatment Take?

Orthodontic care is very much person centred and as a result the duration of treatment will depend on your individual treatment plan. It will take between six and sixteen weeks to complete treatment and perfect your smile. Once the aligner is removed you must wear a retainer to ensure that your new smile is protected.

How Much Does Treatment Cost?

Much like the length of treatment, the cost of Inman Aligner treatment depends heavily on how much the teeth need to be moved in your individual plan. What can be confirmed is that the price will be less than an Invisalign treatment and your Inman Aligner will be about as inconspicuous as the Invisalign retainers.


*Treatment only available in Dental Options Clane