Full Mouth Reconstruction Cork

Our Full Mouth Reconstruction service is for people who have major issues with their teeth. This can include problems biting as a result of gum disease, or pain caused by ill fitting dentures built around weak or decaying teeth. Many patients using this service will receive “reactive” dentistry, which is going to the dentist whenever there is a problem and having the problem dealt with.

Over years without treatment, major oral health problems or the causes of major dental issues are unfortunately sometimes ignored. This can result in severe distress, both for the patient’s mouth and the patient themselves. Often these sorts of cases need a full mouth reconstruction in order to restore their teeth and bring them back to good oral health. Once a full examination has been undertaken and their dental history has been explored, their dentist will devise a treatment plan in order to fix their problems. All of the patient’s dental and oral health issues and their solutions will be discussed in detail so that the patient and dentist know the treatment pathway and every step of the plan.

Often a full mouth reconstruction will use the following treatments: