Fixed Braces Cork*

About fixed braces

Fixed braces, sometimes known as “track braces” are a form of brace that consists of a series of bands and brackets bonded to your teeth with cement and connected together by thin metal wires that move and pull your teeth gently into the desired place. Brackets are usually made of either metal, or more recently, tooth coloured materials such as plastic or ceramics, so they are not overly noticeable.


The steps of fixed braces treatment

Before we fit your braces, we will need to undertake a check up to ensure you do not have any tooth decay or gum problems.

  1. We take impressions, X-rays and photographs of your teeth and mouth. Our orthodontic expert will use these and your dental records to develop a plan for your treatment. If there is crowding for instance, you may need to have some teeth extracted. Any gaps in your teeth will not be noticeable once your treatment is complete and your teeth are straight.
  2. The orthodontist will then explain in detail your treatment plan and what procedures will be undertaken before your treatment begins.  Before we can put your braces on we will also place separators between your molars for roughly a week in order to make sure there is space for the brace bands around your molars.
  3. The bands and brackets will be affixed to your teeth with bonding cement and your orthodontic treatment officially begins.

In your following appointments, your Cork orthodontist will make adjustments to your braces when necessary in order to speed up the straightening process.

Removing your braces

Once your treatment is complete, we can remove your braces. We will also polish your teeth as part of the treatment to give you a stunning finish. Next, we will make moulds of your teeth in order to make retainers tailored to your teeth. You will need to wear these retainers once your braces have been removed in order to ensure your smile stays straight.

*Treatment only available in Dental Options Clane