Tooth Coloured Fillings Cork

Dental Options Cork uses tooth-coloured fillings to fill teeth. This resin composite is not only more natural in appearance than a silver-mercury filling, but due to its ability to bond to the surface of the tooth, is also stronger and safer.

natural tooth coloured fillings


natural in appearance, tooth-coloured fillings


Do You Do White Fillings?

We use the latest generation in resin composite materials, which by design is a white, tooth coloured filling. We can adapt this material to fit the shape of a patient’s tooth.  This new generation of composites are extremely durable, and as efficient as silver-mercury fillings used in the past.

Therapy - Invisalign And Composite Fillings

You do not always need veneers to fix chipped and broken teeth

Why Not Remove That Stain?

Amalgam & White Fillings

Amalgam, or silver mercury, is the material used in the metal-coloured fillings dentists have used for years and fill the mouths of many people.

Why Should I Consider White Fillings?

Many, if not most people have at least one filling in one form or another. These days, fillings can also be natural looking as well as functional, which avoids the self-consciousness that can come with silver fillings and is something increasingly desired by people.