Family Dentistry Cork

At Dental Options Cork, we want all of our child patients to have a healthy set of teeth, with healthy gums and no need to ever have fillings.

Brushing twice a day is important, however regular visits to the dentist are a vital part of ensuring your child’s teeth remain healthy, as well as encouraging and fostering healthy dental habits that will last a lifetime.

Our goal we strive towards is to encourage children to maintain healthy teeth habits, and do our best to educate them about their teeth whenever they visit us. Our expert dental hygiene team are trained to ensure your children have fun whenever they come to see us and are not afraid of a check-up. We will also provide parents with help and advice on how they can best care for their children’s teeth, to hopefully either delay or even remove entirely the need to have fillings.

In some cases however, no matter how well looked after our children’s teeth are, they will still sometimes need fillings, and for this we can offer white fillings that easily match the colour of your children’s natural teeth, to the point that they won’t even know they’re there.

For more information about how you can help keep your children’s teeth bright and healthy, as well as take advantage of Dental Options Cork’s affordable care, please call our reception team today. It is always a good time to start encouraging healthy dental habits for your children that will take them to adulthood and beyond. We would be proud to help lead your child on that journey and be your family dentist in Cork.