Braces Service Cork

Our expert brace service makes crooked, twisted or gapped teeth a thing of the past!


It pays to have a confident smile. From romantic encounters to job prospects, your smile can make a huge difference, and it is proven that crooked or gapped teeth. Our leading orthodontic service focuses on harmonising your teeth, jaw and face, leading to drastic and long lasting results. In order to help you discover from the huge number of teeth straightening treatment the one that is perfect for you.

Benefits of braces

The benefits of braces are clear:

  • Braces can boost your confidence by radically improving and straightening your smile. That confidence can lead to success, in your social life and even your career.
  • Straightened mouths function better and and easier to take care of. Braces will balance the forces exerted on your mouth whilst you talk, eat or move your teeth, which benefits the long term health of your teeth, gums and jaw.
  • Straight teeth are much easier to clean and therefore much easier to take care of and prevent long term dental health problems.